Woody's Chips - Scotland's Best?

30 June 2020

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What’s at the heart of the best chips anywhere?  The potatoes!  And if you have ever heard of Woody’s Chips then you will have heard they are probably Scotland’s best chips.  But where can you get these winning products and enjoy the best chips any time you want?

Here at Ivan Wood and Sons Ltd we are pleased to confirm we now stock Woody’s Chips.  And not just one type either – we stock all the seven variations currently available in the range:

  • Regular
  • Steakcut
  • Skinny
  • Chippy style
  • Plain cut wedges
  • Ridge cut wedges
  • Roasties

If you want the best chips that are just like Mum used to make while being able to shop locally, then call into our store for Woody’s Chips. 

Not only that but these potatoes come from an award winning supplier with a complete commitment to the environment, so you know that there are no chemicals or pesticides used in their growing.

Grown close to our local farm in Fife, these are the best chips you can buy to cook at home.  We offer complete seedling to shipment traceability so you can always be confident in the quality of the products on offer.  Just ask any of our many happy customers!