The Benefits of Shopping Local

30 June 2020

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With the growth of online shopping, it has become easier to just search for something and grab it.  But there are benefits of shopping local that mean it is worth pausing over that ‘buy’ button for a moment and consider visiting a local store.

Top of the list is that your money will directly benefit the local economy where you live.  When you buy online, the company could be based anywhere in the country or even the world.  But by supporting local companies, your money stays local.

You can also find items in local stores that you cannot get online.  From quirky handmade gifts to unusual local food items, there are things that will never make it online, sitting waiting around the corner.

There are some great deals to be had in those local stores.  Fresh produce that is still in top condition but needs to be moved could be available at bargain prices.  New ranges coming in means older ranges could be there for a special deal.  Plus, as you build relationships with store owners, you may get a heads-up about deals, new products or special promotions around the corner.

Finally, there’s something to be said for being able to handle and see an item before you buy it.  Whether it is a potato, a dress or a new conservatory sofa, there’s real benefits to seeing the item before you buy.

If you're intersted in shopping locally for your fruit and vegetables, please contact Ivan Wood & Sons.